About Me

Artists gain with me an entrepreneurial-minded, structured and versatile person familiar with music and the music industry as a companion on their path to success. I am happy to take on responsibility and I am happy to get labels, producers, agents, event managers and people working in media, radio and TV excited about collaborating in the development of new stars.

As a team player, I have a great ability to grasp new information quickly – to the greatest possible benefit for artists/labels/event managers as well as companies who want to book artists for their events.


My debut on the music landscape: the SUISA copyright company. I got my first breath of the world of labels in the marketing department of Universal Music, from where I effortlessly switched to Universal International Pictures as a brief detour. The path is the goal, so in 1999 I landed at EMI Music Switzerland. What was then the renowned international label gave me the opportunity to always continue my professional development over several years and to assume management functions. During this time, I was able to establish a large network that I still maintain today. This further development is also tremendously important to me. So, I then completed my post-graduate studies in Marketing Management WWZ at the University of Basle and I focused more on the area of digital marketing.

Due to my commitment of many years, I was able to acquire extensive know-how about the full range of the music industry – labels/management/live/business affairs/sponsoring. Then, in 2011, I went self-employed. Since then, I have assisted various clients in the music industry and in other fields. I have also worked as an artist manager, assist in the implementation of events and work with national and international artists on the project level. 

Now I am looking back on my path to success and am happy that I was able to make my passion into a profession.


Quality & Sustainability

Sustainability and quality are important to me. Therefore, I place tremendous value on collaborations in which the partners also have social know-how. A healthy business world is the basis for continuing to develop financially. That is exactly the reason why I believe that the economy has also to take environmental aspects into account and has to be able to bring people together.


Sincerity & Trustworthiness


Art & Cuisine

Whether music, photography, film, literature, dance or painting - I am interested in everything that has to do with art. I also love to go on culinary journeys and enjoy dishes from all over the world, whether in the kitchen or out.

Ceramics – Friedlfunk Ceramics

Years ago, I discovered my passion for pottery. I spend a lot of time at the wheel, which for me also has something meditative about it, and create handmade unique pieces from porcelain and clay. 


Animals & Environment

Nature is particularly important to me. That is why I stand up for the interests of the environment and animals in a volunteer capacity. In terms of the latter, I am particularly committed to supporting the foundation Tier im Recht (TIR). TIR is a non-profit and independent animal welfare organization that has been persistently committed to the continuous improvement of the human-animal bond since 1995.