Artist Management: Alina Amuri new signing of Sony Music

ALINA AMURI new album CHASING TRACES out 18/05/2018

CHASING TRACES is the story of a journey. A year ago, ALINA AMURI set off on a journey in search of her roots, in search of herself. What she found was new perspectives and not least a new sound. This album bears witness to this journey of discovery. It’s a new day, it’s a new life for her – and an inspiration for anyone who walks with her on this road.

She could have taken the easy route: CHASING TRACES is a modern soul album with contemporary influences and an exceptional, classically trained voice. But ALINA AMURI didn’t want to take the easy route. She wanted to understand. So the Swiss singer with Congolese roots decided to go to the place where truth resides. To do this, she looked inside. She returned with the kind of clarity that turns a talented, instinctive singer into a true artist: a self-confident, independent woman who has found her place in the world.

Live: 08/06/2018   Zurich – Plaza


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